Eric Frampton

Keyboards. Keyboard Tech. Producer. Composer.



Classically trained in piano from age five, Eric wears many hats including keyboardist, producer, composer, and technician. He has worked with a diverse range of artists including the B-52s, Boston, Paul Simon, Lionel Richie, Collective Soul, Yanni, Billy Currington, Mother’s Finest, Greg Manning, Tate Stevens, Stuck Mojo, and Fozzy.

Eric has written six musicals, performed on hundreds of album projects, produced commercial music for everyone from the Atlanta Braves to the QVC network, and even recorded cues for a couple of feature films.

You can also catch him performing with his 80’s tribute band, Electric Avenue.


I am available to record keyboards on your project! I have a room full of immaculately maintained classic keyboards including a hot-rodded Hammond C-3 and Leslie 122, Rhodes Suitcase 73, Wurlitzer 200A, Moogs, Oberheims, modulars, and more all set up and ready to go! Some of my clients that you may of heard of include Collective Soul, Fozzy, and Nashville producer Dave Cobb.

I also write charts and provide orchestration for indie projects. Contact me at for rates and availability.

Click here to view my current gear list.

Keyboards, Modules, Drum Machines:

ARP 2600
ARP Quadra
ARP String Ensemble
E-mu Emax SE
E-mu Emulator II
Ensoniq SD-1 32 voice
Hammond C-3 (with Leslie 122)
Hohner Clavinet D6
Korg 700S
Korg Kronos 2 61-note
Kurzweil MIDIBoard
Kurzweil K2600R
LinnDrum (with MIDI)
Mellotron M-400-S
Moog Memorymoog Plus (with MIDI and DBM upgrade)
Moog Minimoog (early oscs.)
Moog Minimoog (late oscs.)
Moog Minimoog Voyager
Moog Polymoog Synthesizer
MOTM Modular Synthesizer
Oberheim DMX (with MIDI)
Oberheim FVS-1 (4-Voice)
Oberheim Matrix-12
Oberheim OB-X (8-voice)
Oberheim OB-Xa (8-voice)
Oberheim OB-X8
Oberheim TVS (2-voice)
Rhodes/ARP Chroma (with Stereoping programmer)
Rhodes Suitcase 73 (mk. 2)
Roland D-550 (with PG-1000)
Roland D-70
Roland JD-800
Roland Juno-106
Roland JX-10 “Super JX” (with PG-800)
Roland MKS-20
Roland TR-8S
Sequential Prophet-5 (rev. 1)
Sequential Prophet-10 (with MIDI)
Wurlitzer 200A
Yamaha DX7 (with E!)
Yamaha KX5
Yamaha S90 XS
Yamaha TG77

Selection of new and vintage pedals from Matchless, Moog, Mu-Tron, Roland, SR&D, TCElectronic, etc.

Selection of new and vintage microphones from CAD, EV, MikTek, Sennheiser, Shure, etc.

(revised 03/2024)




Tate Stevens, GMA

Delta Community Credit Union


Electric Avenue – “I Would Die 4 U”

Agent Cooper – “Walking in the Air”



The Apartment, 1996

Means Street, 1997

Armour Circle, 1998-2000

Canton Mill, 2000-03

The Bungalow v.1, 2003-05

The Bungalow v.2, 2005-09

The Basement, 2012-17